Happy new year to you! Here we are already in 2020. Do we have any engagements that happened over Christmas and new year? If so, congratulations! Was it a surprise proposal? Were you the proposer or the proposed to? What a special time to get engaged!

People celebrating. Plan wedding reception

Speaking of special times, it’s also a fantastic time to start planning your big day. Believe us, whether you are bride or groom to be, planning and preparation is needed. Here are a few excellent things to start thinking about;

Booking your wedding date

Yes, we know this one seems a little obvious but is it? Really? Not as much as you would think. You and your lovely spouse to be might have the perfect date in mind, but trust me on this, until a deposit is paid and the date is locked in with your venue, it’s just pie in the sky.

Your wedding venue

Obviously, this and the above point go hand in hand. You both need to discuss and decide on the venue you want your ceremony held at. This may be a church, another religious or spiritual type building, a hotel, your local registry office, the list goes on. Are you having your wedding reception at the same place as the ceremony? Or will you be holding the celebrations elsewhere? You may choose to have both wedding ceremony and reception in the same hotel, or you may get married in church and then move on to a function room afterwards for the wedding breakfast and reception. The possibilities are endless but they are things you need to be considering very early on when you are planning your wedding.

Your wedding reception

You know when you go to a friend or relative’s wedding and you end up having a fantastic time at the reception? Don’t you just love how everything just falls seamlessly into place? Sorry friend, it really doesn’t work like that. The party after the big event often takes just as much planning as the big event. Sometimes even more. You’ve got to think about your guest numbers, the catering, the cake, the entertainment, the photographs and did we even mention who is manning the bar?

Cocktails on a bar, wedding reception

Yes, the bar and drinks portion of a wedding reception doesn’t always come automatically. Sometimes it’s all included with the venue, other times it is not, it really depends on the wedding venue itself. Plus if you are having a DIY or outdoor wedding, there definitely won’t be anyone rocking up automatically to serve drinks to you and your thirsty guests.
A pop up or mobile bar is a really fantastic addition to any wedding celebration. Take us at the Two Seven Club for example. We have a beautiful fully stocked mobile horsebox bar, lovingly hand decorated and named Jini Hendrix. A great talking piece for any event wanting a little vintage glamour. We also have our Nick and Nora, a rustic but robust pop up bar equipped with all the tipples you desire.

“We have transformed and built our bars with lots of love and care (and a little help from our friends). We hope you love them as much as we do!”

A bit of pizazz

Not only do these bars come fully stocked with all the usual bevvies, we serve them and we can tailor to certain themes and tastes too! Want a cocktail night? We can do it, we’ll even put on a show Tom Cruise would be proud of! An evening of gin? We have quite the selection and the knowledge of which goes with what.
We at the Two Seven Club would love to be a part of your wedding day and we would work hard to make it every bit as special as you want it to be. Don’t have some boring generic bar, give us a shout and let us make your day one to remember!

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