Everyone loves a party, am I right? Ain’t no party like a Two Seven Club party! No? Ok, cheesy 90’s pop bands aside, how about we discuss the ultimate in-thing to have at parties right now? You guessed it, gin. We’re not talking about the odd gin and tonic though. It’s much, much more than that. Let’s talk about a GIN party!
Tell me more, we hear you say. Well, we at the Two Seven Club are more than happy to introduce to you our very latest customer experience, The Gin Party.

Classic gin and tonic

What is The Gin Party?

If you like gin, you will totally love this! The gin party is a bespoke experience that we offer to customers wanting to experiment with the nation’s favourite spirit. It is a selection of gins that we bring to your event or party for unlimited tasting and experimenting for a limited period of time. We can either bring our pop up bar or make you gin right from your kitchen table or island!

How long does it last?

If you’re enjoying yourself at a party with a few drinks, you definitely don’t want to be restricted to an unreasonable time limit. That’s why we offer all the gin you can drink for up to TWO hours! Believe me, that’s more than enough time to get a little Ginebriated! (get it?).

Who is it for?

Anyone! We cater to all kinds of events. Are you having a hen party with your best girls and maybe want a fun night in, filled with gin and giggles, but without the huge prices of a club or bar? Just think, all the fun in the comfort and warmth of your own, (or your friend’s), home. Maybe you’re having a last-minute Christmas party with your friends and family and wanted a bit more of a gin themed evening? We will even come to your office Christmas party and serve unlimited gins there! (Make sure you okay it with the boss first, though) You tell us where and we will be there! We can even bespoke our collection and maybe even our outfits to whatever theme you may be having!

About the gin

We stock over 50 different types of gin, both locally produced to us, plus the bigger named brands. We have gins that are fruity, herby, floral, savoury and citrusy. You want a gin cocktail? Just tell us! We also stock the very best mixers and garnishes to seal the deal. We even bring the glassware! So, whether you want a dirty martini, a bitter Negroni, or just a classic London Dry, tonic and lemon slice, we have it all! We normally bring around 8 – 10 different types of gin, according to your preferences, so you really do get to try a bit of everything!

Fruity garnishes for gin

“This is the perfect party add on to enjoy the nations favourite drink, GIN! Great for hen do’s, parties, home celebrations and work do’s this will really get your guests talking.”

So, this is our brand-new package, a fantastic two-hour, unlimited, mobile gin bar experience. Get your friends and/or family together now, and plan your next evening of gin with us, the Two Seven Club!

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