With the ever-increasing popularity of gin, it’s no wonder that there are countless mobile gin bars everywhere! Let’s step it back a little though. There are so many other types of alcohol that can be enjoyed! So many old favourites that have been neglected and forgotten, due to the nation’s deep love of the classic ‘Mother’s Ruin!’

About Us

Having been in the cocktail industry for a good number of years, myself and my partner decided that it was high time we brought back other tasty tipples to the mobile bar concept, and thus, the Two Seven Club was born. Named after the notorious, and perhaps unfortunate group of celebrities, we wanted to highlight a wider range of alcoholic beverages, rather than just gin. With that in mind, we offer a fully stocked bar for all events, with wines, spirits, liqueurs, beers, etc.

bar with different alcoholic beverages

Now, don’t get us wrong, we are serious lovers of gin, and celebrate its existence and popularity as frequently as the rest of them. We even have our own gin tasting package where we load up you and your friends with unlimited gin drinks for two hours, (unsurprisingly a major hit!). And there really is nothing quite like a beautifully cold mix of gin and tonic with a squeeze of lemon at the end of a busy day.

selection of gin cocktails

Our Bars

We have two bars, which we can easily transport to your event or home. Our eye-catching blue horse trailer transformed bar, named appropriately the ‘Jini Hendrix’ and our firstborn, a handmade, shabby chic bar, ‘Nick and Nora’. Both bars have been a massive hit with our customers. They add a gorgeous vintage style glamour to any event, whether it be a wedding, birthday party or family barbeque.

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Two Seven Club, pop up bar, mobile bar, weddings and events, weddings, entertainment, wedding reception, cocktail hour, gin bar, prosecco bar, cocktail bar

So, onto the drinks. We offer all sorts, whatever tickles your fancy for your event. If you’re up for a bit of indulgence, we can serve all your classic cocktails, Mojitos, Cosmopolitans and Margaritas, Pornstar Martinis, Daiquiris and punches, you name them, we’ve got them.
Feeling slightly more sophisticated? How about a fully stocked wine mobile bar? If its bubbles you are into, we also put together a pretty fine mobile Prosecco bar too, perfect for toasting the bride and groom after speeches! Don’t forget though, if it’s really just a standard event, we do stock some of everything so you and your guests will be truly catered for, no matter what your tipple!

Your Way

We know that the topic of money is always an awkward one whoever you speak to, so we have made it easy by creating packages to not only suit your budget, but the way you pay too! Want a cash bar? You got it! A free bar for your guests? Just settle up with us at the end of the night. How about a token system? Consider it done! We want things to be as simple and easy as possible so you can fully concentrate on enjoying yourself. With your favourite cocktail of course! Plus, if you want something we don’t currently offer, talk to us! Maybe we can get it for you. Just ask.

“We know that every event is completely individual, with this in mind, we have put together 4 simple packages to help you choose the right one for you. We are open to different ideas and offerings and will always strive to meet any specific needs you may require”.

So, this is us, the Two Seven Club. Why not check us out on Facebook to see what we have been up to? Party season is coming up so give us a call! We can’t wait to meet you!